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Tony Jacobson
Solving complex problems through empathy, understanding, concepting, and design.

I played a critical role growing from a 20-person company with single-digit millions ARR to over 500 employees and 100 million in ARR. In my role there I created and led the UX and design teams, positioned at the nexus between the product team, marketing team, sales, and support. Along with guiding the executive team through a major product overhaul, I was responsible for many mission critical product features, and marketing and sales initiatives.

One project of interest I worked on at Smartsheet was a Workmap Visualization tool set. In this work, I explored how to map out the work relationships and activity a given Smartsheet customer had as they used the product. It gave customers insights into what work they did that had the most activity and collaboration across their company.

I then translated those customer stories into marketing profiles.

Here is an infographic based on the smartsheet workmap data, showing a work relationship profile of one of Smartsheet's customers.

I was brought on at INRIX to create a SaaS product suite on top of their massive mobility intelligence DaaS data lake. The first of several products my team and I created is Signal Analytics. Traffic management agencies use this SaaS application to get daily insights into the timing and flow performance of all of the signalized intersections in their cities.

Most recently at INRIX I led the charge in how our company could leverage generative AI combined with our proprietary transporation data to dynamically surface more helpful insights.

I led a large interdisciplinary team in concepting and exploration projects in 3 different facets of generative AI experiences: 1) Chat prompt interactions, 2) Auto-generated AI anticipatory responses based on context, and 3) Explorations on autonomous generative AI agents that are constantly working on the goals and mission of the customer.

Here's an additional product I lead my team in creating called Location Analytics. It solves the problem for enterprise customers who are wanting to get more insights into potential location selection for new stores and businesses. The product gives them insights into the areas where customers originated and their destinations after leaving a given location. Knowing the origination and destination areas we are able to surface demographic census data and visualize traffic volumes and speeds in the adjacent areas of interest.

A corporate collaboration and asset management app for T-mobile. This was a year long project, where I led the team that did all the user research, stakeholder interviews, experience architecture, and ui design.

The below screen depicts the life cycle of the T-mobile product team as they move through a product creation process. Users were able to see assets created over time, the magnitude of how many assets, in which date range, and which project stage.

Stockpile Reports is an inventory management system for those needing to measure and manage stockpiled materials. Companies use drones and iPhones to capture imagery of their stockpiled materials and get detailed 3d models with volume and tonnage of each stockpile. As vice president of product at Stockpile Reports, I lead all the product development across a team of developers, research scientists, marketing professionals, and designers.

In the below screens you can see the main dashboard where customers, view and manage all their products, piles, and measurements, and how they view all the critical data with each individual measurement report.

The below screen is an executive dashboard, giving insight into the state of a company's inventory across their entire organization.

This visualization was created to show the distribution of how many sites Stockpile Reports users are measuring. I created this infographic to see the concentration of how many sites people were measuring per device.

In this infographic, I needed to convey the mix of how many measurement reports were being done by what type of measurement method.

Passport Health is a hospital billing software company (now owned by Experian Health). I worked closely with them on several projects as an outside consultant to create all the user experiences around several of their products.

The below screen depicts a product called Patient Simple, where I did all the UX and design work for a patient billing portal. Patients manage all their personal information, payments, billing, and insurance through this portal.

In a follow-on project, I added user experiences for giving patients the ability to see what stage their hospital bills are at, as well as set up and manage payment plans to the hospital.

HxStory was a start-up concept around the idea of giving doctors a fast visual history of a patient's medical records, making sure they are able to quickly take into account the entire medical history, not missing any important details as they are giving care to their patient during an appointment. In this screen the doctor is hovering over a past episode of care to see what actions were performed during that visit.

If the doctor selects the 'Labs' item in a given episode of care, the details around that item are displayed. This screen shows a patient's Comprehensive Metabolic Lab Panels, over time, and whether each element is within normal ranges or not.

With a simple mouse hover the progression of a patient's weight is revealed and whether it is within normal healthy range.

Similarly, with a simple mouse hover the doctor can view the patient's blood pressure from visit to visit, over time.

The patient's medication history is displayed so the doctor can properly see past and current medications, ensuring they can safely prescribe medications and avoid potential risks.

Lastly, the patient's condition history is displayed as block regions, communicating to the doctor the start dates, end dates, and duration of each condition. The doctor then has proper context along with all the other data to make sound judgements as s(he) provides care to her/his patients.

Hypermiles was a competitive social driver commute game, where users track how well they drove on their commute and challenge friends to see who can drive better.

Drivers lost points for texting while driving, jack-rabbit starts, and other non-safe or non-economic driving behavior. is 'The Ultimate Wine Tasting App'. I created and launched it in December 2017. (Available on iOS and Android. Download it here)

Users get a beautiful visual history of all the wine they've tracked.

As they drink a wine, they use 4 sliders to give their subjective opinion about the Aroma, Taste, Finish, and Overall Impression. I created an algorithm to calculate an expert wine score just like what they see on the shelf tags in the store, purely based on their raw opinion in the 4 sliders.

If they want to go deep with a wine, they can use what I branded as TouchTags, to quickly describe the wine without the need to type, just by tapping on the elements they are able to See, Smell, and Taste.

This is a high-level overview of my philosophy and approach for uncovering answers to process, experience, and business problems.

Work History

Time Frame: 2020 - Present
Role: Director of User Experience
Create a suite of SaaS products on top of INRIX's massive mobility intelligence data lake, including various Generative AI workflows and implementations. / Stockpile Reports
Time Frame: 2016 - 2020
Role: VP of Product
Set a vision for the products. Lead the UX and Engineering teams to create deeper value and grow the customer base.
Time Frame: 2012 - 2016
Role: Director of User Experience
Create and lead the UX and Marketing design teams. Make the product easier to use and grow the customer base.
Real Networks
Time Frame: 2010 - 2012
Role: Director of User Experience
Lead the UX team in creating a consumer cloud-based media management app for mobile and desktop (music, photos, video).
Ratio Interactive
Time Frame: 2005 - 2010
Role: Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer
Close deals, do amazing work, and win awards.
The Dual Group
Time Frame: 2003 - 2005
Role: Co-founder / Designer / Developer
Do great work for our customers through design and development. Win awards.
Time Frame: 2001 - 2003
Role: Co-founder / Designer / Developer / Deal Maker
Do great work. Win awards. Close deals.
Time Frame: 2000 - 2001
Role: Designer
Make great UIs for ecommerce.
Independent Consultant
Time Frame: 1999 - 2000
Role: Designer / Developer
Help companies who need design and development work.
Time Frame: 1995 - 1998
Role: Designer / Developer
Create the first website. Then help transform it into an ecommerce site.
Costco Wholesale
Time Frame: 1985 - 1995
Role: Carts > Boxer > Cashier > Supervisor
Make happy customers and help the warehouse run smoothly and efficiently.

School of Visual Concepts
1998 - 1999
Graphic Design & Advertising
Edmonds Community College
1992 - 1993
Digital Music Production
Northwest University
1988 - 1990
Music Composition & Performance
Highline Community College
1986 - 1988
General Studies